Coleslaw W. Bubonic (swatch_dog) wrote,
Coleslaw W. Bubonic

You're damn right it is.

tillwetoreintwo: who would you want to be?
tillwetoreintwo: i think i'd be claudia
tillwetoreintwo: if i got to pick
misscleo3861: i would be mary ann
misscleo3861: because she was smaht
misscleo3861: i would be stacy if it weren't for the diabetes
tillwetoreintwo: mary ann is a waterworks fountain
misscleo3861: well claudia has hideous fashion sense.
misscleo3861: *burn*
tillwetoreintwo: but she's an ARTIST
tillwetoreintwo: and she always has secret stashes
misscleo3861: “Today, for instance, I’m wearing purple pants that stop just below my knees and are held up with suspenders, white tights with clocks on them, a purple-plaid shirt with a matching hat, my high-top sneakers, and lobster earrings. Clothes like these are my trademark.”
tillwetoreintwo: of junk food
tillwetoreintwo: haha
misscleo3861: is she trying to KILL STACY with her stashes of junk food?
tillwetoreintwo: think of allll the candy!
tillwetoreintwo: and you'll never gain a pound!
misscleo3861: claudia is also the dumpy asian one. i guess you just love filling that role.
tillwetoreintwo: hahahah
tillwetoreintwo: you bitch
tillwetoreintwo: you HAD to go there
tillwetoreintwo: she's not dumpy.
misscleo3861: amy.
tillwetoreintwo: she's lithe-challenged
misscleo3861: she's Dumpy McDumpstra, the Mayoress of Dumpland
tillwetoreintwo: hahahah
tillwetoreintwo: you suck
tillwetoreintwo: crybaby ann
misscleo3861: she is not a crybaby!
tillwetoreintwo: did logan dump you again?
misscleo3861: SHUT UP
tillwetoreintwo: actually maybe i would rather be stacy
tillwetoreintwo: i forgot about c's clothes
tillwetoreintwo: diabetes is worth being hot
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you guys are both whores
Eh, get a job.
when i do, it won't be receiving cash for sex. like you guys.

You're a bitch.
reason # 43098520934823 why melissa misses ann arbor.
Well come BACK, little Sheba! Come back!
you are insane
and nobody ever wants to be bossy ass kristy loll
That is exactly why we didn't choose her.