Coleslaw W. Bubonic (swatch_dog) wrote,
Coleslaw W. Bubonic

I don't think I had 10th grade history with anyone who reads this, so no one here will really understand my long-standing obsession with this particular ad campaign. But really, sometimes things just need to speak for themselves:


This last one lacks a sassy caption explaining the bra patron's dream, but it's fun to imagine anyway:

Sadly, this last image no longer seems to be working. Instead, enjoy these others that I found at this website:
Ah! She has returned!

And probably my favorite:

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I vaguely remember you going on about the campaign, but I don't remember what started it.
We were covering the 50's and we had to watch a documentary that featured several Maidenform television commercials, and I became obsessed with them because they're so WEIRD! LOOK at them!

My favorite television commercial one involved a woman hanging from a crane in the middle of the construction of a skyscraper (not lying). The line was something like, "I dreamed I was my Maidenform bra.

There was also one about leading the Easter parade.

Deleted comment

For the win!
They look like they could poke someone's eyes out...
Remember when Reese Witherspoon says as much in Pleasantville? God, I love that movie.

all we need now is a picture of mr. faoro in his maidenform bra.
Oh my god, that is the most vile thing I've heard in weeks. Did you hear Rallo is retiring?