Coleslaw W. Bubonic (swatch_dog) wrote,
Coleslaw W. Bubonic

[19:19] misscleo3861: were just gonna sell me up river?
[19:19] ANameForSam: well the thinking was thus: doug's driving the other car, so alicia will be in there, i'm not riding with iman, jessica will want to be with iman, and adam will want to be with jessica
[19:20] ANameForSam: and, more importantly: jenny, karl, and i love country music
[19:20] ANameForSam: don't you trey?
[19:20] ANameForSam: DON'T YOU?
[19:20] misscleo3861: *sobs quietly*
[19:20] ANameForSam: exactly
[19:20] ANameForSam: thus was the thought process
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