Coleslaw W. Bubonic (swatch_dog) wrote,
Coleslaw W. Bubonic

He's talking about Forrest Gump.

misscleo3861: you really hate that movie, don't you?
alifebeforedoubt: it's not even that
alifebeforedoubt: it just shouldn't exist
alifebeforedoubt: that's all
alifebeforedoubt: i don't hate babies who get SIDS
alifebeforedoubt: for example
misscleo3861: they just shouldn't exist?
alifebeforedoubt: right
misscleo3861: oh.
alifebeforedoubt: although in an entirely different way
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How can you hate Forrest Gump? It's on about 2 times a week here. Along with Speed (Maxima Velocidad.) And really bad sitcoms. And soft core porn.

I guess none of that is a reason to like Forest Gump.
Not really, no. I, by the way, don't really have an opinion on the movie either way.